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Huh! It has been a while I know. I’m back. Not really, I’m on a break. Let’s say, I was taking a nap and thought you missed me. I won’t tell you of the struggles I’ve been through, waking up at 2am to study for exams. Regardless, Electrical Engineering still harrased me.

“Wewe ndo ule boy anakatia madem na poems?¹” Wambui asked. Well, not really. I mean, but yes. On the contrary, no! Wait! Who said that? All these came after a friend of mine sent me an audio asking why I want to be a writer, Brainy, this guy can write, to me, he is the best writer I have ever seen before. He’ll take you to mars in a second while telling you a story in the caribbean. Weird, isn’t it? He is a prodigy.

This particular audio warns, if you’re doing it to get women to bed don’t do it. Yes! I have been writing to ladies I’ve met lately but my motive is not to get them to bed but rather make them feel special about themselves. Albeit, Wambui words made me question my actions to write. What if what I write would get me a woman to bed? Don’t do it!?

Bonge, my buddy, of course you know him, right? These days, he thinks I’ve gone riot. Reason being? I talk to every lady I see when we’re chilling at our jobless corner. He fears I might get infected with Corona. Reason being? I hug ladies I meet often. He asked me how many ladies I flirt with on a daily basis. Reason being? I’m the talk of town these days.

But I wonder, while I was a simp before simping for a lady who fooled me for love, he told me to man up and find ladies I would lure easily. And so, I utilized my writing to lure ladies. To be honest, I didn’t know I was luring them. I was writing to make them feel special and find stories to tell them, I mean, I’m a poor at texting. If they were lured by my words, I’m sorry.

Dear ladies I wrote to, don’t get it twisted, I was just trying to change how I write and end my stories in a beuatiful way. To those that got lured, I meant what I wrote. To those that didn’t, I will write better next time. Just don’t talk about me! For now, bye.

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