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For the last time

I was wrong to think I’m right to let her go. I hope I made sense. These day’s I lack sense. Perhaps she took off with my senses, the girl I loved. One day, ladies and gentleman, I’ll reap my heart out and say with it holds so dear, hatred.

It’s 5 pm, we’re on the motorbike heading to Mulot. Mulot is a cold, busy, rusty town that borders Bomet county to Narok county.

From Longisa to Mulot, it’s ten minutes ride or so. Ten minutes is enough for me to lament about the cold, upcoming exam, and of course, my relationship in turmoil. It’s not that I’m used to lamenting. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that, I mean, well, I’m used to lament. So?

“Boychild, hizi drama zako hazitawai isha?” For the first time, Bonge breaks the silence like ice pelted on stone, he hardly does that. “Come on! Don’t rub it in on me.” “It’s just that…” “It’s just what…?” Bonge interrupts rudely. “Let me explain.” “Okay, go on.”

What would you when two ladies tell you, they love you at ago? One is obsessed with you and the other, well, she pretends she’s not in love but she is. Imagine, she asked me to shoot my shot after she had shot her shot first, I had fallen in love already. Did I shot my shot?

We’re in Mulot already. Damn! I haven’t even complained. I wasted a lot of time trying to tell Bonge how I’m not the cause of dramas in my life. I’m just but a victim.

“Buda exam ni next week, hatuezi kunywa leo.” Humbly speaking. “Tutapita tu.” Bonge giving me assurance. Sadly, he will always end up copying me in exams. You’d love to look at his face when he asks me to show him my paper. I assume you’re wondering why he gives me assurance, right? I even don’t know why he gives me assurance.

At last, we end up drinking to our last coin. Regardless, when we leave Mulot for Longisa, we leave with wisdom. For we discuss serious matters, like how we’re going to get rich. Should I tell you the quotes we quote to each other? Never mind!

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