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Time to go

“Silence is returning to being,” someone once wrote. Folks! I seem not to understand my personality sometimes. Sometimes I’m vocal, other times I’m silent. Sometimes I choose people to talk to, sometimes I don’t, I speak to whoever. Sometimes, I just need time alone in silence and solitude.

It’s on a Friday evening around 4 pm, the boring lecturer, Mr. Korir has just completed teaching magnetism on Electrical engineering. With my backpack on my back, I slowly walk to my house.

After twenty minutes, I arrive at my house. Damn! The dirty utensils. When was the last time I cooked? The dirty clothes all over, I mean, it’s hard to be a bachelor.

I quickly change into dirty clothes, I’ll do laundry on Sunday, I give myself hope. There’s a lagoon, we call it Pwani, “Pwani?” Huh! Let’s say, it was a quarry, and the rain-filled the quarry. No more query, right?

It’s a good place to chill and watch primary school kids swim, sometimes I think of swimming but well, I can’t swim. The lagoon is a minute from my house. In no time, I’m already there listening to my favorite album — Same Kind different by Dean Lewis.

Folks! This album sends my thoughts to a world I drool for. Imagine being loved how you love. Imagine waking up next to your better half. Imagine just imagine. Regardless, there is peace in solitude that nobody really understands unless he finds himself in it.

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