‘Wash Wash’ Celebrities Unmasked

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‘Wash Wash’ has been number one trending in Kenya. It is a slang used to describe money laundering which the tea master himself Edgar Obare has been able to expose.

Names of many highly regarded celebrities popped up making Kenyans question their sources of wealth. Influential personalities like Betty Kyallo, Jalang’o, Dp William Ruto, and Tanasha Donna were not spared. Celebrities are popular for flaunting lavish and high-budget lifestyles on social media.

However, some celebrities have come forward to deny allegations of them being involved in the “Wash Wash” saga.

Media personality Jalang’o talking to his co-host Kamene Goro on Kiss Fm disclosed that he swears by his father’s grave that he has never stolen from anyone and he works hard for his money.

Controversial media mogul Shaffie Weru earlier on defended Jalang’o by saying he sees him as a very hardworking man.

Our top musician Tanasha Donna who has been on the low also claims that she works extra hard. Everything she owns, she bought with her own money. She has warned Kenyans to stop making up stories and mentioning her name in such issues.

Renowned rapper Prezzo also came forward to defend his name. He claims that Kenyans should only count on tea from Kericho – where tea plantations are grown and not give a listening ear to Edgar, referring to him as a dishwasher.

The expose done by Edgar Obare is extensive. Many of his followers provided receipts to back up their allegations as well as experience with conmen.

Do you think differently of the Kenyan celebrities after the revelation of money laundering in Kenya?

Is their integrity to be questioned?

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