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What happened to us? I’m a wanderer of the past every time an event occurs to me and I can’t help but reminisce the old times. If someone asked me what life I would love to live for a long time, I will choose the past. I wonder what life you would love to live my dear friend. If it were possible for me I’d love to live in my teen years because those were the years when I would not find my phone or any conversations dry. I mean when you open your phone right now you expect to find a hundred plus messages but Mr. Tumbleweed rolls laughing right at your face. I wish i could go back to where blue ticks or grey ticks never existed. That shit hurts ‘ata kama’ you put on your big boy pants and say ‘aah haiumi’

Why do people get mad when someone blue or grey ticks someone? For me, I take that gesture rudely. Did you read my message and not to reply to it? Or were you too lazy to answer my text or are you’re the…” I thought I had replied the message,’ kumbe’ I replied it in my head and others are too busy with some other things? Some of us ‘tumeeka ‘grey ticks ‘ati ndio’ the recipient will see you have not yet read the message but you just read it and you didn’t feel like replying. Why would you do that honestly ‘si kama ‘you don’t feel like replying or even seeing my text you can ignore it or better yet archive the damn chat! I am ducking mad while writing this, yes duck mad! Mad because there was a time I would have bought two hundred texts and they would have ended before midnight just talking not to one but, to a lot of people. I used to own a ‘katululu’ My mom used to get so mad because of the texting noise.

Okay some of us are busy ‘naelewa’ but are we too busy to ignore one another? What if the only person you can open your heart to is the one you have pushed away? Or better yet for that human connectivity.

Do you have an online friend who you have spoken to but you have never met? I have a lot and I can remember how most of us met. Some of us met through Facebook, when you used to join some groups then you connect with a friend who has the same interests as you. I don’t know if people still do that. Since I have no one to talk to these days, my new addiction, Le Instagram. There was a time you would open and notifications are too much maybe someone tagged you in a photo and the likes are crazy.

What happened to our meets and greets? My friend used to come at home and tell me .’Heidi tuende raundi mwenda!’ and we would go and buy Samosas and Ufresh then we would go and buy clothes being sold at 10bob and the most expensive was 50bob. Then go home, call it a day and wait for another meet and greet the next day. My mom even stopped restraining me from going out. If you ask someone to meet you right now, everyone will tell you how busy they are but you see them hanging out with their ‘dope’ friends. By the way, the worst you could say is NO!

What happened to a girl and a boy just being friends without being asked ‘nipe nigware’. It’s not bad to shoot your shot but the friendship is ruined when the girl says No. Now the girl is ugly or a cheap whore. Anyway, let’s not live like that. I want to be able to tell my children how my childhood friends are still my friends and they would be I want that for myself too. Even when my child is looking for a job, I want to think of a friend of mine who is so successful. We must continue the tradition of long-time friendships. Even if we fall out I would love for us to reconnect well. Let’s get rid of the hiding statuses and ticking everyone it’s not nice. Be kind and spread the love.


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Facts Heidi💯💯

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