Why I escaped from business class?

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Truth is, I escaped from business class the first day I stepped into that class in high school for a lame reason. I’m even ashamed to say it. I hope someday I’ll find the guts to say it.

Sadly or rather happily I’m even confused on whether I should be happy or sad today. First, I wish I’d never escaped from the business class. Regardless, I think I made the right choice. At least I learnt to say bonjour and many other french words that I never boast of.

Let me get to the point already. Tales of Murugi is my first baby, not actually first but it takes the credit because it saw light first.

Sometime last year, a certain guy who runs a well-known library called me. Well, I must say I was over the moon. Do you know what he asked for? A copy of Tales of Murugi for evaluation for them to see whether they could stock it or not. A few weeks later after evaluation, he asked for seventeen copies.

I was out of words. Keeping in mind, I find it hard to market and sell Tales of Murugi. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE NEVER ESCAPED FROM THE BUSINESS CLASS after all. That aside.

Late last year my friends and I came up together and wrote an anthology, a short story anthology titled Sensual Sneezes. I got to link with amazing writers, award-winning writers. It was a nice experience. There, I got a connection to send Tales of Murugi yet again for evaluation, not to just any library this time but to the library of congress but this time it never happened. Laughs.

The seventeen copies I had sent to the library guy never made it to his library. Instead, it went to the library of congress I was to send a copy of the evaluation. What hurts here is, I was paid less.

What makes me happy is despite being paid less, Tales of Murugi made it to the library of congress. Perhaps the seventeen copies were shipped to different United States of America universities. It makes me happy but sad that I got paid less. Reason being? I escaped from the business class. I suck at business.

Truth is, I’ve left the sole reason for why I got duped. I’ll keep it to myself for now. To heal my wound, buy a copy of Tales of Murugi. Contact: 0759895902 to buy a copy of Tales of Murugi.

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