Why I Think This Artist Is A Member Of The Free Mason Society.

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Over the past couple of days, Kenyans have been engaging on whether Freemasonry is a form of devil worship or a  secretive brotherhood aimed at helping each other.

This comes the after a high-profile Lawyer  (Ambrose Rachier)  the current Gor Mahia chairman went on air and revealed that he was a member of the famed freemason society.

He described how one can join and denoted some myths that are associated with the Brotherhood and the advantages of being in the said sect one point standing out was that anyone of high status can join this can including Sportsmen, singers, etc.

He also added that they too communicate with signs with one being the two arched finger which looks like a  pitchfork but he didn’t go into details on the meanings.

This sign drew my attention as there has been a Kenyan singer who is known to pose using the sign described by Ambrose Rachier and that is Gidi Kocha.

The singer has been constantly seen posing with the pitchfork signature which had become a habit on almost all of his social media.

He incredibly has an eye-raising amount of wealth which includes fleets of cars, he recently bought a new car after his past car was involved in a road accident where he escaped unscathed a music label, and a palatial house which he has posted on his Facebook revealing that it’s under construction.

The singer however never reveals his source of wealth which leaves more unanswered questions than answers.

Do you think that this artist is a member of the secret society?

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