Why She Leaves Me On Read?

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I’m on a journey. A journey to seek answers to my burning question. Why she leaves me on read?

I fail to understood why you’ll receive a text, read it, and fail to respond. What’s the purpose of receiving a message anyway? I think I posed the wrong question. What is communication?

There’s this lady who sits next to me in class, she has over one hundred unread messages. Sometimes I look at her in disbelief, why does she have a phone anyway? Ps. She leaves me on read often. What baffles me is when she needs me, I have to respond, if not, she frowns.

I wasn’t supposed to talk about her actually, if she gets to read this, I don’t know. So, I met this girl, we vibed well, she responded faster at first. This reminds me of how love feels at first sight. It soothes. As days go by, responses from her became rare like love these days. Right now, I’m stuck with a question with no answers. If I were to ask her why she leaves me on read? She would say;

  1. I lack the sense of humour

She likes men who talk about the stupid little things that make her laugh. I didn’t sign up for that. Seriousness might kill me someday. You see, I always end up telling her about Astronomy and how we humans might colonize mars soon. Boring, right?

  1. She’s busy

Busy in the sense of taking screenshots of clothes and hairstyles she would wish to put on and have on her hair, respectively on Instagram or online stores. Do I have the money to finance that? Let me think about it. Dear customer, you data balance is below 2MB.

  1. I’m way below her leageu

She wants a guy with a sense of fashion. I see no sense in fashion.

  1. She’s not interested

This had me thinking. Why did we vibe well at first? “Poor boy, don’t confuse vibes with love.”

Regardless, I’m still not convinced why you can receive a text, read and fail to respond.

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