Zimbabwean singer and songwriter Mardeee talks about being in a toxic relationship in ‘Overboard’

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Zimbabwean singer and songwriter Mardeee has released his new single titled ‘Overboard’. The single was released on 3rd June 2022.

Overboard’ is a sultry, catchy afro-fused song featuring a smooth, brooding vocal performance by Mardeee atop a glamorous synth-led instrumental that feels incredibly fresh and modern.

The song “Overboard” is about being in a toxic relationship with a partner who constantly berates you and treats you like a second option. However, you stay in that toxic relationship because it is a sense of familiarity and comfort and feel like you won’t ever love again. Though, you realize the toxicity of the relationship becomes too much and you decide to jump ship, the “ship” being the relationship and hence the title “Overboard”. You realize you deserve a partner that will want to build a healthy relationship with you and treat you with respect and dignity.

Mardeee is an artist who isn’t afraid to experiment with style and genre. He easily traverses from cool melodic trap on songs like his 2019 single, ‘Leave My Mind’, to vibrant and grooving afro-swing on ‘RiRi’, featured on his 2020 EP, ‘Sounds Voyage Pt. 1’, to electrifying and upbeat Afrobeat 2021 single ‘Gotta Let You Know”, to exhilarating and powerful Afrobeat-Amapiano 2022 single “Come My Way”.

Not only is he extremely versatile in crossing genre boundaries, but Mardeee possesses a silky smooth voice that is comfortable in a multitude of cadences and tones, perfectly complementing each and every style he tackles.

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